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1000Mn. allocated to attract youth community to agricultural sector

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The Minister of Agriculture and Plantation Industries, Mr. Mahinda Amaraweera said that an amount of Rs.1000 million has been set aside this year to implement programs to attract the youth community to agriculture in this country.

The minister expressed these views recently while participating in the observation of the Capsicum and tomato plantations cultivated by Mr. Sanjeeva Amarakon, a young man living in the Ratmale area of Nagollagama.

Mr. Sanjeeva Amarakoon, a young graduate, is a government employee by profession. He has successfully cultivated Capsicum and tomatoes using new technology in 06 net houses.

 Although the vegetable crops were destroyed by the heavy rains of the past few months, the vegetables grown in these net houses have been very successful.

Mr. Sanjeeva Amarakoon mentioned that he is getting a very high price for the harvest from his crops and also mentioned that he has earned a lot of income due to the high price of vegetables in recent days.

He said that the supermarkets are getting high orders to buy the vegetables grown by Sanjeeva.

The Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Mahinda Amaraweera, who expressed his views here-

In recent days, the price of vegetables in our country has increased rapidly. Most of the vegetable crops were destroyed by the rain. But due to cultivation in the safe houses provided by the Ministry of Agriculture, the vegetables required by the country reached the market in some quantity.

In 2023, we allocated financial allocations to popularize cultivation in net households. We provided financial allocations especially through the Department of Agrarian Development as well as under our foreign funded projects. In the same way, in the year 2024, we will provide financial allocations to the youth community to popularize cultivation in net houses. We have allocated 1000 million rupees for that.

80 percent of the farmers in our country are elderly farmers over 50 years old. But the youth community is around 20 percent. The young community has no faith in farming in our country. Therefore, our goal is to attract as many young people as possible. We have started many special programs for that. We started seven youth entrepreneurship villages last year.

Our country needs youths like Sanjeeva Amarakon. Despite going to a government job on the insistence of his father, he earns a lot of income from vegetable farming. It is clear that he will become a good entrepreneur in a few years. Many young people today are not interested in agriculture. They are looking for government jobs. The minister also said that if the youths who are interested in agriculture are given one million rupees each and they are equipped with the new technical knowledge required for farming, I am sure that the youths of this country will never ask for government jobs.

On this occasion, Minister of State for Livestock D. B. Mr. Herath also participated.

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