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Abandoned Maskeliya leopard cubs taken to Randenigala

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Officials of the Nallathanniya Wildlife Office said that the two mountain leopard cubs found hiding in the tea bushes of Glenujie Estate in Maskeliya, were taken into custody of the Randenigala Veterinary Unit.

Veterinarian Akalanka Pinidiya of the Randenigala Veterinary Unit said they had waited for several days for the leopard mother to come and take the cubs away.

Wildlife officers had kept the cubs where they were found for about 72 hours to so that the mother leopard could take them back. However, the mother leopard had not come back. Officials said that the mother did not come to take these two cubs because it is possible that the mother leopard may have one more cub and she has moved away from the area to protect that cub. A group of workers working in the estate found these two leopard cubs among the tea bushes on July 17 and took steps to hand over the two cubs to officials of the Nallathanniya Wildlife Office.

Wildlife officials said that the mother leopard hides the cubs in safe places and goes to find food during the day, and the people think they are lost cubs and try to catch them. Wildlife officials further stated that the mother animals refuse to take these cubs because they can sense human touch, and as a result, leopard cubs encountered in this way should be left alone and not disturbed as much as possible, since then, the mother leopard will come and take the cubs away.

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