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About 12-15 midwives contract COVID-19 daily – GMA President

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She said more than 500 midwives were infected with COVID-19 in the past few days.

She made these comments at a media briefing held in Kandy.

“Even maintaining our services could become a problem if the situation worsens. There is no special procedure for health workers to receive treatment, as yet. Four midwives at the Negombo Hospital have got infected. One of them is being treated on a mattress laid on the floor of a hospital ward. There is no proper programme to vaccinate families of midwives. Even close relatives of midwives have been infected and some of them have died. It is with that mental stress that health workers have to work,” she said.

“The Coronavirus is spreading rapidly throughout the country. A large number of persons from health sectors are becoming victims of the virus, daily. Midwives are carrying out their duties without any facilities. They do not receive face masks, disinfectant liquids, gloves or protective clothing or transport facilities. I regret to say that our Midwives receive only about 10-15 face masks for an entire month,” she complained.

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