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ADSTUDIO.CLOUD introduces Programmatic Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) as a Vital Channel for Digital, Point of Sale, and Trade Marketing Strategies

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In a bid to tackle problems in outdoor digital advertising systems, ADSTUDIO.CLOUD through the ‘Digital Out of Home (DOOH)’ program seeks to provide an interactive solution to traditional outdoor digital platforms. This program would also provide digital marketers with the opportunity to contextualize their marketing strategy and better identify consumer requirements.

Interactive digital screens will be initially introduced at grocery, wholesale, and eatery outlets in Colombo and its suburbs. As such, the project which will commence in the city of Colombo and suburbs will later expand island-wide, aiming to provide benefits to both retailers and consumers of target outlets.

Where retailers can expect to see additional volumes and increased engagement with their products; access store items by simply scanning the bar code on the interactive screens. In doing so, this will create awareness on attractive offers, products and stand out as a brand. This feature would be beneficial for the different user groups and allow for location specific advertising that could help brands capture their target markets.

In comparison to large-scale digital outdoor advertising display systems, DOOH involves increasing customer engagement due to the location, and providing real-time data for advertisers. These factors are particularly advantageous in attracting a variety of audiences, generating better conversion rates through viewability, and creating active community engagement.

Partner outlets too seek to benefit from this program in numerous ways, particularly in solving problems of clutter, lack of interaction, engagement, and non-durability of traditional advertising mechanisms, especially in high-performing retailers in metro hubs across the country and as an alternate revenue stream as advertisers can support the trade community via the advertisements. As such DOOH is a streamlined, cost-effective, and durable point of sale solution that can be used to create dynamic content through real-time campaigns that have a direct impact on the consumer purchasing behaviour

“While we know what contextual targeting is in the world of online display, there needs to be a mindset on how we define personalization for DOOH,” Personalization for Out Of Home media is localization. And we expected programmatic DOOH to be the beneficiary of the cookieless future.” Jayomi Lokuliyana (CEO, ADSTUDIO.CLOUD)

This system will also benefit advertisers who will gain access to dashboards that provide real-time data. In the future, this will translate to generating detailed profiles of users, and resulting in information that can help companies target their audience to provide personalized solutions through advertising.

ADSTUDIO.CLOUD is the first programmatic advertising solution provider in Sri Lanka with clients based in multiple industries. The company, having been in the market for over 2 years, has till now focused on web and app-based digital advertising mediums gaining over a billion views for its campaigns and creating over 1 million audience profiles.

Friday, August 27, 2021 – 13:26

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