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Advantis and Cordelia Cruises to launch first cruise sailing operation around the island

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Anticipates 80,000 arrivals in first 4 months
Empress of the Seas
Empress of the Seas

The luxury Cordelia cruise line will embark on its inaugural sailing between India and Sri Lanka in June 2023. A significant boost to the Sri Lankan tourism industry is anticipated, attracting an estimated 80,000 tourists within the first four months alone.

Cordelia Cruises aims to revolutionise the tourism market in the region by offering an extraordinary cruise experience that exudes style and luxury through its crown jewel – “The Empress”. With 796 cabins in 5 distinct categories filled with state-of-the-art amenities, the ship is capable of accommodating 2,000 passengers.

Cordelia Cruises President and CEO, Jurgen Bailom and Hayleys Group Chairman Mohan Pandithage

The transportation and logistics arm of the Hayleys Group, Advantis, announced a groundbreaking partnership with India’s top cruise line, Cordelia Cruises to Leveraging their newly forged partnership, Advantis – Travel and Aviation will serve as the General Sales Agent, while Advantis Group subsidiary, Clarion Shipping will serve as the Port Agent for Cordelia Cruises in Sri Lanka.

The collaboration marks a milestone in Sri Lanka’s efforts to revitalise inbound tourism and capitalise on the island’s significant untapped potential as an international hotspot for cruise tourism.

Embarking on a Cordelia Cruise journey to Sri Lanka opens up shore excursions for travellers, with Jaffna, Hambantota, and Trincomalee serving as bases.

Cordelia Cruises President and CEO, Jurgen Bailom stated that: “Sri Lanka is truly one of the most uniquely diverse holiday destinations in the Asian region. Combined with the invaluable support of our local partners Advantis, and the Hayleys Group, we see immense growth potential in synergistically integrating Sri Lankan and Indian destinations into a single, unforgettable luxury travel and hospitality experience.”

This surge is set to unlock significant commercial opportunities for the tourism value chain, drive economic growth and position Sri Lanka as a premier destination for discerning travellers.

Hayleys Group Chairman and Chief Executive, Mohan Pandithage noted the collaboration with Cordelia Cruises would inject much needed energy into the country’s tourism sector. “One of Sri Lanka’s most urgent national priorities is to ensure a rapid increase in tourist arrivals. We believe that this partnership holds the potential to significantly boost arrivals, and over the medium-long term, attract an entirely new segment of travellers to our shores.”

Advantis Managing Director, Ruwan Waidyaratne said: “This partnership promises to channel much needed support for Sri Lanka’s resurgent tourist industry and that this partnership will help our nation promote its attractions year-round.” Passengers aboard Cordelia Cruises can expect curated itineraries that cater to both business and leisure travellers, including 2-night, 3-night, and 5-night journeys. These itineraries are enhanced by an array of unparalleled onboard experiences.

Tuesday, May 30, 2023 – 01:00

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