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Aiding and abetting LTTEers: Ex – Airman jailed for life

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The case was heard at the Hambantota High Court. The suspect was arrested for the offence of aiding and abetting LTTE terrorists,  assisting in assassination of VIPs and keeping in his possession firearms and live bullets. He was imprisoned for life as he was found guilty and a fine of Rs.25,000 was also imposed on the orders of presiding High Court Judge Thamara Tennakoon.

The convict is a 44-year-old father of one, a resident of Tissamaharama. The accused was taken into custody on 2.05.2009 for aiding and abetting terrorist activities, helping in the assassination of VIPs and keeping firearms and live bullets in his possession by officers of the Criminal Investigation Department of Slave Island. The suspect had been arrested while serving as an Airman and one automatic firearm of MP.

05 type together with 90 nine mm live bullets and 35 7.65mm live bullets were discovered in his possession at the time of his arrest.

Initial investigations into the suspect had been carried out by the Criminal Investigation Department of Slave Island. Following a lengthy hearing of the case, all allegations against the suspect were proven without reasonable doubt.Accordingly, the presiding High Court Judge of Hambantota Thamara Tennakoon who considered the facts presented imposed life imprisonment on the suspect in connection with the first offence and a fine of Rs.25,000 on the second offence. If the accused does not pay the fine an additional six months will be added to the sentence.

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