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Allianz Lanka and Pearl Protectors join in Beach Cleanup

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In an exemplary display of corporate responsibility and environmental stewardship, Allianz Lanka, in collaboration with Pearl Protectors, embarked on a mission to restore the pristine beauty of Sri Lanka’s beloved shores.

With ‘World Cleanup Day’, which falls on the third Saturday of September each year, Allianz Lanka rallied approximately hundred dedicated volunteers to spearhead a beach clean-up initiative along the Dehiwala shoreline.

This noble endeavour reflected Allianz Lanka’s unwavering commitment to making our environment a better place. The Allianz Lanka team, together with the passionate support of Pearl Protectors, took action to rid the shorelines of Dehiwala of non-recyclable litter, transforming it into a cleaner, safer and more inviting space for all.

Allianz Lanka Head of Marketing Kasun Yatawara said; “In protecting life’s most precious things, let’s not forget to protect our environment and the planet. We believe these initiatives should not just be restricted to one-offs, but rather should be an ongoing responsibility every individual who visits our beaches should take on to keep our shorelines clean.”

In an era where environmental concerns take centre stage, Allianz Lanka’s beach cleanup stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to sustainability and community involvement. Led by Allianz Lanka and bolstered by the support of Pearl Protectors, this beach cleanup project is a compelling illustration of how businesses can play an active role in preserving our natural heritage.

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