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Allianz Lanka launches ‘Allianz Protect’, child safety on Road

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Allianz Lanka reaffirms its commitment to a safer future for children on the roads with ‘Allianz Protect’, marking another important step in its journey to protect the nation’s most precious asset – its children.

With over 700 fatalities from road accidents in the first four months of 2023, according to the Sri Lanka Police, motorcycle-related accidents account for nearly 40% of total road accidents. Meanwhile 63% of victims are in the economically productive age groups of 15 to 64 years, with many being children.

Allianz Protect, in its unwavering dedication to promoting the safety of children on the road, Allianz Lanka is embarking on a new round of child-safety-helmet distribution for children who travel on motorbikes.

Following the resounding success of a similar project in 2022, Allianz Lanka took its efforts by identifying deserving beneficiaries and monitoring their safety during school hours, joining forces with the Sri Lanka Police. For the second consecutive year, this initiative continues its focus on distributing safety helmets for children, aiming to minimize accidents and ensure the wellbeing of the younger generation.

Initiated on September 13, Allianz Protect underscores Allianz Lanka’s commitment to safeguarding the lives of children across the island, whilst promoting road safety. Through a well-coordinated effort, the initiative plans to distribute 1,000 safety helmets for children across 20 different branch localities. This strategic initiative, which expands on its previous efforts, demonstrates Allianz Lanka’s dedication to ensuring the safety and protection of children, particularly in rural and suburban areas where motorbike accidents can pose a significant threat to children who ride without helmets.

Allianz Lanka Chief Distribution Officer Ranga Dias said; “We are proud to embark on this new phase, building upon our 2022 successes. Allianz Lanka is committed as a conscientious corporate entity fulfilling our role by prioritizing child safety in road accidents. Our dedication extends beyond today, as we plan to sustain this initiative for years to come, making a lasting impact on children’s safety.”

The main event of the initiative took place at the Allianz Lanka Malabe branch, where top management joined forces with regional police officials. This collaboration highlights the shared commitment to creating safer environment for children and underscores the importance of collective action in achieving this vital goal.

DIG of Police, Indika Hapugoda, Director Traffic Administration and Road Safety, also stated; “Motorcycle accidents are quite common in Sri Lanka. Initiatives like Allianz Protect campaign, advocating helmet use among children, are vital in reducing serious injuries and ensuring safer journeys for our children.”

With this extensive coverage, Allianz Lanka aims to ensure that child safety helmets reach the hands of young riders in diverse areas, reflecting its commitment to enhancing road safety for children across Sri Lanka.

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