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Ample stocks of food available – Cabraal

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Cabraal denied the allegations that have made rounds in international media at a press briefing held at the Government Information Department.

State Minister Cabraal noted, “We have ample food stocks in this country for all needs.

There is absolutely no shortage. We have enough food for foreseeable future and beyond. If there is anyone suggesting otherwise, that is simply not true.”

“We are also taking necessary steps to ensure that food shall not face any shortage in the future. However, we did notice at certain instances, a few unscrupulous trades, with the intention of making a fast buck, had been trying to hoard stocks in a secretive manner and use it when they could command them at higher prices. That situation had to be dealt with very quickly and that is what the government has done. Any responsible Government would have done that. In order to do so in a framework of legality, we have invoked certain laws and the Government has the authority to do so.”

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