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Anjelo Mendis stunned many opponents with his fierce tackling

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His exceptional style of play has earned him a spot in the Sri Lanka national Under 19 fifteen a side rugby pool for the Junior Rugby Asiad. He was also the college junior athletics captain.

Speaking to Daily News Anjelo said “My journey into the world of sports started when I was about six years old. By that time, I was already used to being the sportsperson at school. I was playing cricket, judo, and tennis. Then my participation in athletics made all the difference. Sports have always played a key role in my life”.

“ I have been guided and supported by a lot of people. Especially My mother -who has come to see all my rugby matches and I’m always grateful to her, my father, family members, my school authorities, coaches Priya Suranga, D. P. Udayasiri, Shantha Dharmaratne, Malith Magage, Sunil Aponso, Sunimal Manamperi, Benedict Perera, Henry Terence, Mahesh (our team manager), Old boys, Rajeev Perera and Colin Denish – who taught me what is life inside and outside the field and also my teammates who have helped me in improving my performance on the field.

“My participation in athletics gave me tremendous energy and made me choose the sport of, rugby. I thought I would be benefitted in many ways and it did improve my fitness skills, social skills, and how to deal graciously with victory or defeat. I should especially thank my friend, Jayathu who captained the under 14 rugger team for taking me for the first practice session. That was also without my parents’ knowledge.”.

“Throughout my entire life my priorities are my family, fulfilling relationships, my well-being and progress.”. “One of the most unforgettable incidents was my father’s demise in 2021.

Another incident I would never forget is the match against Isipathana College back in 2017. We were able to beat them after seven years. Also, I have been adjudged the best athlete in field events for four consecutive years.Hence all these will always be in my memory right throughout my life as one of the most unforgettable incidents to date”.

“I spend my free time doing things that make me happy like watching movies, going to the gymnasium, spending time with my family and friends . My favourite films are ‘Invictus and The blind side’.My favourite actor is Rowan Atkinson. Also i like to listen to music and I have two favourites – John Legend and Umaria. My all-time favourite song is ‘All of Me’ by John Legend.

“My favourite rugby player is Michael Hooper from the Australian national team and my favourite destination is Barcelona ”.

“The best compliment that i got was ‘You have won life, continue what you’re doing’. This was told by one of my class teachers Asela Fernando”. “Yes, I do believe in what I do. Believing in what you do makes you much more powerful than those who just have interests”.

“I always compare myself to a mirror. The person you see in the mirror is the only person you should compare yourself to”.

“Yes indeed. My achievements, successes, and accomplishments are the ones that make me happy and proud so far at such a young age.. My mistakes, failures and setbacks make me strong and bold”. “On a concluding note Anjelo said that he likes to describe himself as a ambitious and determined person in life”.

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