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Army Priyantha ordered businessman’s killing

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Investigations carried out by the Anuradhapura Division Crimes Investigation Bureau have revealed that the killing of a businessman in Padaviya Mahasenpura on May 16 was done according to a contract given by ‘Army Priyantha’, a drug dealer living in Dubai, based on a dispute related to drug trafficking.

Accordingly, six persons including the gunman and motorcyclist who shot coconut oil businessman R. Shirantha Rasika Wijesena (38), with a T-56 gun, in front of his house and killed him, have been taken into custody by the Anuradhapura Division Crimes Investigation Bureau, on Sunday (24).

Police said that the wife of Army Priyantha who had given out the contract for the murder from Dubai is among those arrested.

Army Priyantha is a resident of Welioya. Police said that he is the one who runs the drug distribution racket around Welioya and Padaviya. According to the Police he has fled to Dubai and is running the drug racket through his henchmen.

The Police said further that investigations have revealed that the murdered coconut oil businessman was also involved in drug trafficking. He is said to have initially bought drugs from Army Priyantha.

Rajitha Sri Daminda, Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police in charge of the North Central Province, stated that the investigation has revealed that Army Priyantha had ordered the murder due to the fact that the deceased later bought drugs from another person. The gunman and the motorcyclist are residents of Welioya Kiriibbanwewa. The Police said that the motorcyclist is a 26-year-old mason and the gunman is an individual who has no permanent job and works as a labourer when he can.

Police said further that among the other four people arrested is a Civil Defence Force soldier. He was arrested because he was the one who had given the motorcycle that the gunman was riding.

Apart from Army Priyantha’s wife and the Civil Defence Force soldier, the Police said that the other two are people who had been spying and gathering details before the murder. They are the persons who had pointed out the house of the coconut oil businessman to the gunman and the motorcyclist.

Investigations have also revealed that the firearm was brought from Gampaha. It has been revealed that two persons from Asgiriya Bandaranaike Mawatha, Gampaha, have brought the firearm to Welioya in a bus and that Army Priyantha’s wife had arranged accommodation for them in a hotel. According to the Police, she was arrested on charges of aiding and abetting the murder.

Based on the information revealed during the interrogation of the arrested suspects, the motorcycle was also found hidden in a house in Kiriibbanwewa.

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