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Asia’s Largest Scoliosis Awareness Walkathon in Sri Lanka

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Independence Square on Saturday (March 02) witnessed a historic event when over 1,000 people participated in a walkathon to raise awareness about scoliosis.

Lanka E Doc, chaired by Dr. Niluka Welikala, held what may have been the world’s largest scoliosis awareness walkathon in Sri Lanka.

Ven. Pannila Ananda Thera blessed the ceremony during its inauguration. Hon. Justice Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe congratulated Dr.Niluka and Apollo Hospitals on the success of the event and wished all success for a Scoliosis-free Sri Lanka. Hon.Minister Lasantha Alagiyawanna also congratulated the Lanka Edoc Team and Apollo Hospitals team on their pioneering initiative.

Dr. Niluka added that the incidence of scoliosis, a spinal deformity, is relatively high in Sri Lanka, and that it primarily affects girl children in adolescent age groups. “My project is a mother’s endeavour to ensure that more mothers in the country have scoliosis-free daughters. I am delighted to introduce Asia’s most advanced Spine Team, led by Dr. Sajan K Hegde, Senior Consultant Spine Surgeon, and Dr. Appaji Krishnan from Afro-Asia’s finest Spine Unit, the Apollo Institute of Spine Surgery. This institution has performed the most difficult spine surgeries and scoliosis corrections in Afro-Asia, introducing methods such as robotic spine surgery, fusion-free spine surgery, and so on” she said.

Dr. Sajan Hegde, Chief Spine Surgeon of Apollo Hospitals, spoke about the world-class technology and his experience in dealing with scoliosis cases from Sri Lanka for the past two and half decades. He stated that that the team from Apollo Hospitals are here to collaborate closely with the Sri Lankan medical fraternity to ensure that children and parents are not misled and have proper access to world-class spine care.

Dr. Appaji Krishnan, Senior Consultant Spine Surgeon, stated that our efforts would begin with early screening and give the finest possible care at the most affordable price. Dr. Ruwanthi Perera made a presentation on the Scoliosis situation in Sri Lanka. Mr. Jithu Jose, Vice President of Apollo Hospitals’ International Division, and Dr. Vignesh from the Apollo Spine Unit also attended the ceremony.

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