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ASPI reaches fresh highs

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The top traded counters for yesterday were Expolanka Holdings Rs. 2,426.9 mn (+1.9%), Browns Investments Rs. 2,420.6 mn (+0.0%), Vallibel One Rs. 776.3 mn (+11.2%), Hatton National Bank Rs. 773.9 mn (-0.9%) and Royal Ceramics Rs. 741.3 mn (+5.9%). Further, off-board transactions were witnessed in Hayleys (Rs. 38 mn), Windforce (Rs. 22 mn), Hatton National Bank (Voting) (Rs. 774 mn) and Commercial Bank (Rs. 21 mn)and yesterday.

Additionally, SMB Leasing (Non-Voting), E-Channelling, Nawaloka Hospitals, Kotagala Plantations and Agstar were the top price gainers yesterday whilst SMB Leasing (Voting), Prime Finance, Indo Malay and Union Chemicals were the top price lose Rs. Further, Browns Investments, Sierra Cables, Agstar, LOLC Finance and Royal Ceramics were amongst the most actively traded stocks yesterday.

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka’s health authorities had fully vaccinated eight million of its 30-years-and-older population against COVID-19 as of Wednesday (01.09.2021).

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