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Assault at Angulana Police: Three remanded

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Four others released on Rs.100,000 bail

The Moratuwa Magistrate’s Courts yesterday (27) ordered that three of the seven suspects who were arrested in connection with the incident of assaulting a Police Sergeant while drunk   and behaving riotously at the Angulana Police station should be remanded until January 5 and the other four suspects should be released on a bail bond of Rs.100,000.

Those who were remanded were Pradeep Fernando, Kasun Madushanka and Kusal Priyadarshana, who are residents of Moratuwa Angulana area.

The police presented the facts to the court through a B report under the charges of being members of a large gang, being drunk and riotous and obstructing the duties of the police officers.

The case is scheduled to be called for further hearing on January 5. Earlier it was reported that a group of people who stormed the Angulana Police station on Christmas day night have forcibly taken away two suspects whom the Police were going to arrest for behaving in an unruly manner while being drunk inside the Police station.

The two drunken men it is said had come to the Police station to inquire about a mobile phone in the custody of the Court and had behaved violently even assaulting a Police officer.

A group of people including women is said to have stormed the Police station and took the two suspects away on Christmas day evening while threatening the officers present.

The incident is related to a telephone dispute which happened during a raid by the Police on May 21, 2021.On that day, a group of Angulana Police officers arrested Kasun Madusankha, a resident of Angulana Riverside area, with 20 grams of heroin.

At that time, a mobile phone in his possession was also seized and the said mobile phone had been presented to court as an item related to the case. The Police say that the mobile phone is currently in the custody of the Court.

Investigations revealed that the mobile phone found in the possession of the suspect named Kasun Madusankha had been pawned to him by a person called Prasanna Fernando, a resident of Angulana.

Police said that Kasun Madusankha, who was arrested with drugs, had recently been released on bail. A group including Kasun and Pradeep had participated in a Christmas party. Pradeep had questioned Kasun about his mobile phone and Kasun had said that the mobile phone is with the Police. Then the group had come to the police station and had an argument with the police leading to the above incident.


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