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Associate of gangster in India shot in Kotahena

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An associate of underworld criminal named Pookudikanna, who went to revive the LTTE from India along with Pakistani extremists and is in the custody of the Indian Security Forces, was shot yesterday (18) at around 1.30 pm in Kotahena. Police investigations have revealed that Raveendran Theepan, who was travelling in a car, was shot by two members of an opposing underworld gang who chased the car on a motorcycle.

The shooting took place at Kotahena 06th Lane and the police said that another person was travelling with him in the car.

Police information disclosed that the car was driven by the person who was shot and a person named Udayan had also been sitting in the seat next to the driver.

Police said that Theepan was shot three times in the shoulder, near the ear and in the abdomen and that he had driven the car for about four kilometers and reached the Colombo National Hospital, in that state.

When he arrived at the hospital, he was admitted to the intensive care unit. The police have also received information that the car in which Theepan was travelling had been used by a sub-inspector working for the Kotahena Police, for a while. Police information also revealed that this car was parked next to the Kotahena police officer’s car, which was a common sight for Kotahena police officers.

Police information also stated that lower-ranked officers have informed their superiors on several occasions about the behaviour of the sub-inspector who drove this car. Police teams investigating underworld crimes have also suspected that this shooting was done by a group of underworld gangsters led by Kudu Selvi’s son on behalf of Kanjipani Imran.

It has also been suspected that Kanjipani may have carried out this attack in revenge for hacking and injuring and attempting to kill his father, at Sadhdharma Mawatha, Maligawatte on June 17, 2020.

Two persons involved in that attack have been killed so far and two others have been injured.

Thursday, January 19, 2023 – 01:21

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