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Australian PM uses ‘Auslan’ to send a message on Sign Language day

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The International Day of Sign Languages, which is observed on September 23 every year, is meant to celebrate the unique visual-manual means of communication across the world that help support the linguistic identity of the deaf and the hearing impaired. On this day, Australia’s prime minister Scott Morrison sent out a video message on social media in Auslan, the native sign language of Australia, to salute the “tireless work” that the interpreters are doing in his country to keep fellow Australians informed even in dire times during the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic.In a short video clip posted on the Australian prime minister’s official Instagram handle, Scott Morrison appeared beckoning in the Auslan sign language to show his support for the deaf community. “It’s harder than the amazing Auslan interpreters make it look,” he wrote in the caption. “I need to keep practicing but today is all about having a go so I encourage all Australians to learn some Auslan and give it a try.”


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