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Bees kill 63 endangered penguins in South Africa

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“After tests, we found bee stings around the penguins’ eyes,” said the foundation’s David Roberts, a clinical veterinarian.

“This is a very rare occurence. We do not expect it to happen often, its a fluke. “There were also dead bees on the scene,” he said. The protected birds, found on Friday, were from a colony at Simonstown, a small town near Cape Town.

The area is a national park and the Cape honey bees are part of the ecosystem.

“The penguins… must not die just like that as they are already in danger of extinction. They are a protected species,” said Roberts.

The South African National Parks said the birds were taken to the foundation for post-mortems and samples sent for disease and toxicology testing.

“There were no external physical injuries found on any of the birds,” a parks statement said.

The post-mortems showed all the penguins had multiple bee stings. – INDIA TODAY

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