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Bid to sell Valampuri for Rs. 300 Mn thwarted

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A Sculptor with a Valampuri who was looking for a buyer to sell for Rs. 300 million was arrested in Malabe yesterday (17) after a secret operation conducted by the officers of the Central Anti-Corruption Strike Force in Panadura Walana with the support of the intelligence officers of Air Force Base Mirigama.

The Central Anti-Corruption Task Force stated that the sculptor, who is a resident of Arangala area of Malabe police domain, is a popular person among those engaged in the field.

According to Section 31 of the Wildlife and Flora Ordinance, catching, collecting, keeping, transporting and selling any of the 30 species of oysters, live or inanimate, is strictly prohibited. This type of oyster known as Valampuri in society also belongs to the group of oysters in the prohibited list.

It is said that the sculptor was given this Valampuri to be sold for Rs. 300 million by a monk in Kandy. Police said that the sculptor will not reveal anything about the name of the monk or the temple. The Central Anti-Corruption Task Force said that the sculptor says that the name of the Buddhist monk is a famous name.

During questioning, the sculptor said that he had developed a friendship with this Buddhist monk while he was going to a sculpture carving work in the Kandy temple and there he showed him this Valampuri.

The sculptor has also told the Police that the Buddhist monk has told him if this Valampuri is sold for Rs.300 million, that the monk is willing to give him Rs.20 million.

Accordingly, while this sculptor was looking for a buyer, according to the information received by Chief Inspector Indika Weerasinghe, OIC of the Central Anti-Corruption Strike Force, police Sergeant Jayalal (428) and intelligence officers have launched an investigation.

Then, using a group of officers disguised as businessmen, they took out the Valampuri from this sculptor and arrested them. During questioning, the sculptor said that the Valampuri has not been in his hands for two weeks yet.

The arrested sculptor and the Valampuri have been handed over to Malabe Police Station for further legal proceedings.

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