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Bilateral Discussions between Sri Lanka and Italy Aim to Strengthen Labour Migration

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Hon. Minister Manusha Nanayakkara of the Ministry of Labour and Foreign Employment welcomed His Excellency Damiano Francovigh, the Italian Ambassador to Sri Lanka, for a meeting today to enhance bilateral relations and address concerns related to labor migration.

The central point of discussion was the renewal of the bilateral Cooperation on Labour Migration agreement between the Government of the Italian Republic and the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. A significant development from this dialogue was the emphasis on establishing a training center. This initiative, sponsored by the Italian Government, is envisioned to provide pre-departure training for Sri Lankan individuals seeking employment opportunities in Italy.


Additionally, Minister Nanayakkara addressed concerns related to the Job Quota system in Italy. He highlighted the challenges Sri Lankan job seekers face, particularly in securing sponsors due to Italy’s unique referral-based quota system. His Excellency Francovigh clarified the absence of recruitment agencies in Italy, differentiating its job market from many other nations.

Furthermore, issues regarding the Family Reunion Visa process for Sri Lankans were raised. Minister Nanayakkara underscored the difficulties encountered by Sri Lankan citizens, including prolonged delays, the DNA requirement, and outside interventions during visa appointment processes. The Ambassador received a commendation from the Minister for his proactive stance in curtailing external interferences in these processes.


His Excellency Francovigh reciprocated by discussing the challenges faced by Italy in obtaining authenticated certificates from Sri Lankan authorities.


The meeting, described as both “productive” and “fruitful,” also saw participation from the deputy ambassador of the Italian Embassy in Sri Lanka, underscoring the significance of the discussions and the commitment of both nations to nurturing their partnership.

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