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Body of 12-year-old who died mysteriously exhumed

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The body of 12-year-old Yeshith Gimhan, a resident of Veediyagoda, Moragahahena who died mysteriously after he had been handed over by his parents for ordination to the Chief Incumbent of Horana Halthota Lenavara Rajamaha Vihara, was exhumed yesterday in the presence of Horana Chief Magistrate Chandana Kalansuriya.

The Western Province Crimes Division which is carrying out investigations said that the Horana Court had issued an order to carry out another post-mortem examination by a Judicial Medical Officer on the exhumed body.

The child had been handed over to the Chief Incumbent of the temple on September 21 to be ordained and the Police said that on October 28, the body which was found hanging by a cloth from a beam of a store room of the temple, had been discovered.

Attorney-at-Law Sadhani Dissanayake, who advocated for the child’s rights said that the child who had also participated in the Katina ceremony held at the Haltota Lenawara Rajamaha Vihara on October 23, 2022, was in a good state of mind, and also mentioned that as a result there is no reason to hang or harm himself in this way within a short period of a week.

The Magistrate had given the order after taking into consideration the facts shown to the Court that there is a suspicion regarding the child’s death.Accordingly, the body of the child which had been interred at the Bethmagoda, Veedoiyagoda Public Cemetery on October 31 was exhumed.

Saturday, December 24, 2022 – 01:02

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