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Bogawantalawa Teas supports female cadre

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Bogawantalawa Teas prioritizes social responsibility in its tea cultivation, manufacturing, and marketing.

This commitment is embedded in its Sustainability Policy, focusing on employee, community and societal well-being. The company implements initiatives aligned with the UN Women Empowerment Principles, aiming to enhance gender equality and women’s rights in tea plantation communities.

The company ensures fair labour practices, promoting equal treatment and pay for all employees. It actively prevents child labour, supports women’s freedom to associate and offers training for career advancement.

In sustainable manufacturing, Bogawantalawa prioritizes women’s well-being, ensuring safe working conditions and fair wages. It sources raw materials locally and adheres to sustainability certifications, supporting economic development in tea production communities.

The company’s responsible marketing practices highlight its support for fair labour and community development, building trust with consumers.

Bogawantalawa collaborates with Save the Children to create child protection policies and improve nutrition for children, particularly girls, in tea estates. It supports educational scholarships for young female students and health care programmes for women and children.

Through its Gender Policy and Youth Advisory Committee, Bogawantalawa fosters inclusivity and empowerment within its workforce. It actively participates in workshops and conferences to promote gender equality and dignity.

The ALMA Education Scholarship project supports young female students in challenging circumstances, ensuring access to quality education and skills development. Health Care & Nutrition programmes, including the Morning Meal Programme for Children, mitigate child malnutrition and empower women economically by ensuring their children are well-cared-for.

The Disability Management Project provides comprehensive support for children and youth with disabilities, demonstrating Bogawantalawa’s commitment to inclusivity and family well-being. New initiatives, such as the ICT Lab, aim to provide skill development opportunities for youth, including young women, narrowing gender gaps and fostering women’s empowerment in the community.

In conclusion, Bogawantalawa’s holistic approach to women’s empowerment through education, healthcare and community development reflects its commitment to creating a supportive environment for women. Through these initiatives, Bogawantalawa contributes to positive social change and builds a legacy of empowerment for women within its operational sphere.

With all these formidable accomplishments highlighting the positive progress of women at the workplace, Bogawantalawa Teas will uphold its ongoing initiatives across all its plantations to celebrate World Women’s Day 2024.

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