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Brandix chooses Snowflake Data Cloud

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Snowflake, the Data Cloud Company, announced that Brandix, one of Sri Lanka’s leading apparel exporter, has chosen Snowflake’s Data Cloud to enable its data modernisation goals with advanced analytics and business intelligence (BI) needs to deliver its contract manufacturing services to customers globally.

Snowflake powers Brandix’s robust analytics engine with a single source of truth, enabling Brandix to efficiently manage vast volumes of data, reducing the time required to gain insights and respond proactively to evolving business requirements. By offering a unified platform for data management, Snowflake ensures that Brandix can anticipate and adapt to changing business needs like supply chain volatility and their sustainability goals with agility.

Brandix sought an agile technology platform for machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) driven data science applications to enhance their customer responsiveness and offerings. Snowflake’s Manufacturing Data Cloud capabilities helped Brandix simplify their data operations and management. In addition, Brandix can harness Snowflake for AI to improve supply chain performance, power smart manufacturing, and securely share data across the value chain to drive cost efficiencies. This in turn enabled rapid access to market insights and customer behaviour, thereby empowering informed decision-making.

“Snowflake’s improved analytics capabilities have allowed us to gain a holistic, real-time picture of our customers’ behaviours. In turn, we can improve the personalisation of both our products and the overall customer experience, lessen customer acquisition costs, and improve customer lifetime value,” said Upul Thennakoon, Head of Strategy & Transformation at Brandix.

“Cost is also another major consideration, and Snowflake was able to reduce our overhead costs in several ways. With everything being in the Data Cloud, we eliminated the need for expensive hardware investments and the need for frequent maintenance and upgrades. In addition, Snowflake’s flexible consumption pricing model of only paying for what we use gave us additional scalability and agility while generating more savings,” added Thennakoon.

“As Brandix embraces the data revolution, collaboration becomes the bedrock for the manufacturing industry’s progress. Snowflake’s Data Cloud serves as a powerful catalyst, enabling secure and seamless data collaboration. Through Snowflake’s unified platform, we can connect service providers with a rich network of applications, data, and technology partners, driving unparalleled growth and innovation within the industry. In this way, companies can ensure that they remain competitive and continue to provide excellent customer service,” said Tom Devasia, Regional Sales Director – Enterprise Business for South India & Sri Lanka at Snowflake.

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