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Businessman blackmailed for Rs. 100,000 after visit to massage parlour

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The Dehiwala Police said that two persons posing as police officers had gone to the house of a businessman in Nedimala,

Dehiwala and threatened him saying that they would tell his father and wife that he had gone to a massage parlour and forced him to pay them Rs.100,000.

A police officer said that the businessman had lodged a complaint regarding this incident day on Monday (3). According to the police, the two unknown individuals who had arrived at the complainant businessman’s house had met him and said that the woman he had associated at the massage center had been confirmed to be suffering from venereal diseases. These two persons had informed the businessman that as a result a DNA test had to be carried out on him and he would have to be remanded until the reports were available.

If they were to avoid doing so, they had requested after intimidating him that Rs.100,000 had to be paid. This was mentioned in the complaint made by the businessman.

The Dehiwala police are conducting further investigations.

Wednesday, July 5, 2023 – 01:13

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