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Businessman’s murder: Suspect couple identified,car found opposite Negombo garage

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The Police have identified the couple who is suspected to have been involved in the murder of Roshan Wanninayake, the owner of a clothing shop network.

The luxury car of the mysteriously murdered businessman was found opposite a garage in Negombo.After the murder, the killers had stolen the businessman’s car, mobile phone and wallet and fled.A senior Police officer said that it is suspected that the murder may have taken place on January 30 night.

Police said that a sister of Roshan Wanninayake, 49, a businessman residing in Kittampahuwa, Wellampitiya, had lodged a complaint with the Wellampitiya Police on Wednesday that her brother had been missing since January 30.

According to the Police, it was revealed that a person had bought three condoms from a pharmacy in the Kalubowila area through a bill which mentioned the name of the pharmacy, that had been found lying in the luxury three-storey house when investigations were launched into the said receipt.

A used condom of the three condoms that had been purchased was found inside the house.A Police officer said that during investigations carried out into the receipt found, a couple had come to a pharmacy and the man was seen buying the condoms on the footage of a CCTV camera.

The murdered businessman had come to his luxury house in Pelawatta on the evening of January 30 and the suspected woman and man had also come to the house and the Police say that it is suspected that they may have killed the businessman and thrown him into the swimming pool as a result of some incident that took place there.

The Police said that the car had developed a mechanical fault at Ja Ela while they were driving the victim’s car on the Expressway. Police said that subsequently the car had been towed to the entrance to the Expressway at Ja-Ela by an emergency vehicle belonging to the Road Development Authority and then to a garage in Negombo.

Police investigations have revealed that it must have been around three in the morning on January 31 when this happened and the car had been left on the road outside the garage since it had been closed at that time.

A Police officer said that a statement from the driver revealed that the person had paid Rs. 15,000 to the driver of the emergency vehicle to tow the car and that the man and the woman had come to Katunayake Junction in the same emergency vehicle.

It has been revealed during further Police investigations carried out that the couple had bought two air tickets, paying more than Rs. 500,000 using the credit card belonging to the businessman and also spent Rs.90,000 to buy various items.

A team including Inspector of Police Nishantha is conducting investigations on the instructions of Director of the Colombo Crimes Division, Assistant Superintendent of Police Neville De Silva and Officer-In-Charge Chief Inspector Anselm De Silva.


Saturday, February 4, 2023 – 01:01

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