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Can Government hold Grade Five Schol, A/Ls in November? – Sajith

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 in the country, but so far no vaccination has been given to schoolchildren. If these exams are held, it is not possible for students not to sit for them. If the GCE Advanced Level Examination and the Grade Five Scholarship Examination are conducted, can the government guarantee the safety of the examination centre staff and students?” Premadasa asked, raising a question under Standing Order 27/7.

Premadasa questioned, “The GCE (Advanced Level) Examination is considered as one of the most important examinations in school education in the country and it gives students the opportunity for higher education. So it is a very important milestone in the lives of students. Getting proper education has become more challenging than ever due to the epidemic. Have all schools already covered by the A/L syllabus? Or is it possible to cover the curriculum in the next two months? Have students been given practical training in subjects that require practical tests, including science subjects, biosystems technology, engineering technology, and aesthetics? How can practical tests be conducted without providing such practical training? Is it fair to do so?”

Premadasa also questioned, “How many term examinations have been conducted for the students who are appearing for the Advanced Level for the first time this year? How do students train for exams without having to take term exams? What measures has been taken by the Education Ministry to prepare students for exams by conducting revisions and giving them the opportunity to answer past question papers? Last year’s GCE Advanced Level results were released only 2 months ago and the students appearing for the second and third GCE Advanced Level examinations have not had sufficient time to prepare for the examination. What action will the government take on their behalf?”

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