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Cargills collaborates with MAS Foundation for Change

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Cargills Food and Beverage Limited, along with its brands KIST and KNUCKLES, has taken a significant step forward to address the issue of ocean plastic pollution by installing an Ocean Strainer in collaboration with the MAS Foundation for Change.

The Interact Club of Colombo is a key collaborator in this initiative, as part of project ‘Ocean Revival’, which aims to contribute towards reducing plastic pollution in water bodies.

The primary objective of the Ocean Strainer installation is to trap, collect and remove plastic waste from waterways, minimizing plastic pollution and promoting the responsible recycling of collected materials.

By addressing the issue at its source, this project strives to create a positive impact on the environment and remove plastic waste before it enters the ocean.

The first Ocean Strainer under this partnership was recently installed at the Boralesgamuwa Lake. Alongside the installation of the Ocean Strainer, volunteers representing Cargills, MAS and the Interact Club of Colombo undertook the task of cleaning the surrounding area to the lake, including the walking path.

The Ocean Strainer is expected to collect approximately 24,000 kg of plastic waste annually, ensuring that this waste is prevented from entering the ocean.

A plastic collection bin was installed by KNUCKLES in the area adjacent to the Lake, to encourage the public to dispose of plastic waste responsibly. Being mindful of environmental sustainability, KIST and KNUCKLES will continue to drive forward their efforts to enhance the collection of post-consumer plastic waste.

Cargills Food and Beverage Limited Managing Director Arjuna Kumarasinghe said; “This is a smart solution to tackle the issue of ocean plastic pollution, as waste plastic is arrested well before it finds its way into the ocean. We are excited to be involved in this initiative and look towards collaborating further to expand beyond this initial phase.”

Cargills has always upheld an unwavering commitment to social and environmental sustainability, as a corporate role model with a deep-vested interest in community-centric national development.

MAS Foundation for Change Executive Director Sharika Senanayake said; “We are still in the very early stages of where we need to be to solve the ocean plastic issue in Sri Lanka. However, we have come close to believing that if we can all work together the collective effort of our sponsors, youth organizations, other non-profits and organizations together with the community, the floating debris from internal waterways can significantly be reduced.”

The MAS Foundation for Change is an independent non-profit organization aimed at tackling the social and environmental challenges faced due to biodiversity loss, ocean pollution, and lack of access to clean water. Currently, the MAS Foundation for Changespearheads the expansion of the ‘Ocean Strainer’ pilot floating trash trap project introduced by MAS, while scaling up biodiversity restoration initiatives through reforestation, invasive removal and enrichment. The Foundation is currently engaging with global and Sri Lankan partners including sponsors, innovators, and implementers.

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