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Cargills Dairies and Kotmale advance sustainability efforts

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The Cargills Dairy sector, which comprises Kotmale Holdings PLC and Cargills Dairies (Pvt) Ltd, recently announced a significant leap in environmental sustainability with the installation of a state-of-the-art biomass boiler at its dairy production facility in Banduragoda.

This strategic investment not only reflects the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility but also brings about substantial economic advantages.

The biomass boiler enables a substantial reduction of approximately 1,800 tons of furnace oil consumption annually, preventing the need for foreign oil imports and safeguarding valuable foreign exchange. This eco-friendly initiative will also bring about direct financial savings for the company.

Wood used as fuel is sourced sustainably, with a focus on replenishing through structured tree planting campaigns, reducing reliance on large, old trees as firewood. Unlike fossil fuels, burning wood in the biomass boiler results in fewer harmful emissions, contributing significantly to the global effort in reducing air pollution and combating climate change.

The adoption of a biomass boiler over traditional fossil fuel options will help reduce over 6,000 tons of carbon emissions annually which will support the company’s efforts towards achieving carbon neutrality. Wood ash produced by the biomass boiler is a valuable by-product that can be utilized as fertilizer or for soil conditioning purposes, promoting a closed-loop system.

Cargills, a leading FMCG and retail company in Sri Lanka, has once more displayed its commitment to sustainable practices, continually exploring innovative solutions to reduce the environmental impact whilst improving its operational efficiencies.

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