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Rupee stabilises, Bourse sees growth

LocalJayasiri MunasingheTags: Print EditionThe Sri Lankan rupee and the Colombo Stock Exchange recorded positive growth yesterday (17) due to the economic decisions taken under a new Prime Minister, a new government and a new Governor…

US$ 5 mn paid for LP Gas shipment

Litro to deliver 80,000 LPG domestic cylinders dailyLocal CHAMIKARA WEERASINGHETags: Print EditionUS$ 5 million has been paid for a consignment of LP Gas for a ship carrying 3,700 metric tonnes of LP Gas that arrived in Sri Lanka…

‘Revival of Kuragala’

LocalTags: Print EditionThe 2022 Vesak Full Moon Day marked the completion of the ‘Revival of Kuragala’ at the Kuragala histroical site. Picture shows devotees at the Kuragala Sacred Area yesterday. The Lake House Budusarana…