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CBSL in swap arrangements with several parties

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Real economic measures are being followed by the Government irrespective of export promotion activities, measures such as sensible implementation of import controls and further promotion of remittances whilst helping relevant industries in the tourism sector to revive after COVID-19 issue, Central Bank Governor Prof. W. D. Lakshman said.

“We probably have to learn from our neighboring countries, especially the Maldives, which has been successful in reviving the tourism industry after COVID-19 issue. And our tourist agencies are also working towards that.”

Speaking on Sri Lanka’s Tourism industry, the Governor said the tourism industry was something like a USD 5 billion industry before COVID-19 issue came up. I’m not saying USD 5 billion revenue from the tourism industry can be reached in almost a month or two. Nevertheless by about the end of this year, there should be substantial improvement due to declining covid spread that we observe in the country and rapid expansion of vaccination programmes.”

Governor Lakshman also noted that the tourism industry can be revived quickly once tourists start coming back to Sri Lanka.

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