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CEB rakes in Rs. 75 mn from fines in 2022

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Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) has recovered Rs.75 million in 2022 from fines imposed on those who tapped electricity and other irregularities.  

In 2022, the Special Investigation Unit of the Ceylon Electricity Board has conducted 1,302 raids related to the illegal electricity consumption conducted throughout the country.

Accordingly, an amount of Rs.72,393,474.80 was paid to the Ceylon Electricity Board in respect of the court fees and losses caused by the 1,114 raids related to the electricity meters (Meter Cases), and the court fees and the Ceylon Electricity Board due to the 188 raids related to the hook cases. A total amount of Rs.75,080,652.57 rupees has been recovered including an amount of Rs.2,687,177.77 rupees for the loss caused to the CEB. The Special Investigation Unit of the CEB continues to carry out investigations to abort electricity related frauds, “We respectfully ask our consumers to use electricity sparingly, which directly affects the country’s economy, and not to obtain that electricity without payment,” the CEB said.


Wednesday, January 25, 2023 – 01:16

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