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Cemex HRM spearheads commitment to reduce Carbon footprint

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Cemex HRM’s software supports HR teams in multiple ways to drive the future of the workplace by enabling greener organizations.

Offering a product that is 100% cloud hosted, the digitalized HR system helps automate routine human resource functions, leave, work from home, attendance, recruitment, payroll, appraisal processes and more.

Speaking about how the software helps clients in their CSR initiative and environmental strategies, Yasanthi Bandara, Chief Operating Officer, Cemex HRM said, “Our software reduces heavily paper driven processes as it offers a central point for all HR data, hence cutting down the need for hard copies. We believe that if all companies switch to e-payslips and store all their employee related data digitally, we could contribute towards the go-green initiatives of our clients.”

In addition to reducing the need for paper, Cemex HRM software offers workflow based leave management systems, where both line managers and employees can enter data into the system directly ensuring that there is no need to fill any physical paper forms.

“With Cemex HRM we implemented e-payslips and digitalized HR functions in 2019 and since then we’re able to save at least 100,000 printed sheets per year,” said Revan Fernando, CIO, Tropic Fishery.

Jehan Fernando, Managing Director, CareKleen stated, “Onboarding Cemex HRM’s software was a smart move in achieving our CFP targets. The library of employee information and document library helped us cut down the need to maintain physical files saving us time, space and most importantly reduced our carbon footprint. This is an important component in our CSR strategy, and we are happy that we were able to bring this to our HR department as well.”

Cemex Software is a Microsoft cloud backed digitized workforce collaboration tool that is helping businesses to be able to streamline their routine HR functions and focus on their core business.

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