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Center for Lean Excellence assures total ransformation with ‘Profit & Culture Unlock Programme’

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Center for Lean Excellence - Sri Lanka Directors Asanka Henegedara and Lapitha Gunasinghe.
Center for Lean Excellence – Sri Lanka Directors Asanka Henegedara and Lapitha Gunasinghe.

Center for Lean Excellence (CLE), one of the leading training and consulting providers for process innovations, is offering the Profit and Culture Unlock Programme (PCUP), an organisation-wide collaborative approach in unlocking a significant bottom-line dollar saving while developing a sustainable continuous improvement lean culture.

The main highlight of the PCUP facilitated by CLE is its result-based payment scheme which comes with the assurance of a guaranteed 20 per cent increase in profits within 12 months, else CLE steps up to work at zero cost till the expected results are achieved. The programme has received tremendous success among numerous manufacturers in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, achieving significant recurring cost-saving benefits.

CLE uses a homegrown breakthrough hybrid approach that not only delivers results but also develops internal teams through a systematic management system implementation, using Jishuken and Gemba Kaizen, both of which are proven lean approaches implemented globally to enable total lean transformation.

The top-down approach is facilitated through the Jishuken methodology, a leadership-driven cross-functional project execution mechanism, with all projects being validated against the financial bottom-line impact and supported by A3 thinking and visual management approaches. The bottom-up approach is governed by Gemba Kaizen and Quality Circles, which fosters a continuous improvement mindset.

Some of the proven benefits of PCUP includes bottom-line cost savings with tangible financial and non-financial outcomes, improving capacities, establishing a culture of continuous improvement, aligning the vision to the grassroot levels, enhancing people’s lean leadership traits, optimising work and capabilities, value stream collaboration, operational stability, among others.

This approach aims to develop sustainable solutions by addressing the root causes, rather than those on surface-level. It systematically explores and understand such causes, collaborate to develop countermeasures with proven lean methodologies, coaching teams on practical application and creating that sustained culture to make a significant bottom-line impact.

The PCUP begins with senior lean coaches at CLE understanding the high-level issues with the top leadership, deploying a team thereon to further analyze them, setup targets, assign Jishuken teams including project mapping, develop strategic A3s, validate the financial impact, activate shopfloor with lean, kaizen and quality circles, executive Jishuken project, comprehensively train and develop various teams on numerous areas.

Center for Lean Excellence strives to pioneer transformation for the good of individuals and enterprises. With a trio-service arm, it provides a holistic end-to-end service in enterprise excellence and process innovation and a thought-leader in the fast-changing industry requirements such as Industry 4.0. Please visit for further information.


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