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Cey-Nor Foundation partners SLT Digital Services

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Cey-Nor Foundation Limited, Sri Lanka’s sole government entity specializing in boat and marine equipment manufacturing, unveils its revamped website, signaling a strategic move towards global outreach and enhanced digital engagement.

Entrusting their digital transformation to SLT DIGITAL SERVICES highlights Cey-Nor’s progressive vision to adapt and thrive in today’s digital age.

Cey-Nor Foundation Limited Chairman Dr. Dulan Hettiarachchi emphasized the pressing need for Sri Lanka to capitalize on the burgeoning demand for fish products in international markets, notably Europe and Japan.

“For two centuries, we exported traditional products like tea and rubber. Similarly, there’s untapped potential in exporting fish to these markets. Cey-Nor, with its extensive boat-building capabilities, stands poised to play a pivotal role by augmenting fiber boat production and leveraging technologies like solar power for sustainable, multi-day vessels,” Chairman said.

Highlighting the significance of the fisheries sector, Hettiarachchi recalled the 2009 rehabilitation initiative in North and Karainagar, emphasizing Cey-Nor’s potential to cater not only to the fishing industry but also to the burgeoning tourism sector, particularly in whale-watching.

The newly launched Cey-Nor website is a testament to the company’s commitment to transparency, innovation, and customer-centricity. Key features include real-time updates on industry trends, product launches, and company news, ensuring stakeholders remain informed and engaged. Visitors can seamlessly navigate through Cey-Nor’s diverse offerings and leverage efficient communication channels for inquiries and support.

“Collaborating with ‘Cey-Nor Foundation Limited’ to enhance their digital footprint is an exhilarating venture for us,” said Mr. Upul Manchanayake, the Chief Executive Officer of SLT Digital Services. “We are committed to utilizing cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize business operations. I’m confident that this partnership will open doors to new international markets.”

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