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Chief Inspector arrested over defacing jeep

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Officers of the Special Investigation Unit of the CID arrested the Chief Inspector of Police, who was formerly in charge of the   Administrative Division of the Ja-ela Police station who allegedly wrote obscene words on the doors and the bonnet of the jeep reserved for the use of the Ja-ela OIC.

Obscene words were written on this jeep bearing the number WP-CBM-1783 which was parked in the garage inside the police station on February 27.

Police Constable Driver Bandara (92007) alerted the OIC when he saw obscene words written on the jeep while preparing to clean it that morning.

Starting an investigation in this regard, Fingerprint Bureau officials had been brought and fingerprints had been checked on the body area of the jeep. The fingerprint report was received by the police on Wednesday (23), and it is clearly seen that the fingerprints of this officer working in the Ja-Ela police tally with the fingerprints recorded on the body of the jeep. Police information revealed that the concerned officer has left the police station after taking leave and this fingerprint report came out.

This officer has also held the OIC post at the station in the south. Due to a number of reasons including administrative errors, this officer has been transferred from South to West for general duties.

When this fingerprint report came out, the officer has left the police station on leave and had not reported back to work. Therefore, an order to leave the service was issued to him on April 21.


Thursday, June 1, 2023 – 01:00

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