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CI on the mat over forgery, misappropriation

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A senior police officer of Kalutara district said that a special investigation has been initiated against a Chief Inspector (CI)  who obtained a loan amounting to hundreds of thousands of rupees by submitting salary reports with false data by forging the official seal and signature of the accountant at the Panadura SP’s office.

It is also stated that the Chief Inspector had obtained two loans fraudulently.

During the initial investigation, due to suspicion regarding data used in the salary reports submitted by the Chief Inspector of Police for obtaining loans from a public institution that grants loans to police officers in active service, and in addition to applying false data in the salary report, the official seal of the accountant had been forged and the senior police officer said that it had been revealed that a fake signature had been prepared.

The Chief Inspector is currently working in the Panadura Police Division and it has been revealed that he has obtained two loans on two occasions by submitting salary reports stating that the salary balance is sufficient using the official seal and signature.

The accused Chief Inspector has been charged with financial misappropriation charges previously and some time ago he had been accused of taking money from police officers while working in an intelligence section of a police division near Colombo and now he is using his position as an advantage and obtaining money and other privileges which is not suitable for a

police officer, the senior police officer added.


Thursday, June 15, 2023 – 01:00

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