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CID’s attention on camera footage of Schaffter’s movements

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The attention of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has been drawn to submit the security camera footage related to the movements of Dinesh Schaffter, on the day he was murdered to the persons or institutions with expert knowledge in this regard and obtain a report.

This is because security camera footage has become a very important piece of evidence in the investigations into the mysterious death of Schaffter.

According to the internal information of the Criminal Investigation Department, further investigations including telephone network analysis are going on.

The Criminal Investigation Department is also focusing on reporting relevant facts before the Court on the next Court date.

According to Police information, when observing the footage recorded by one of the security cameras through a close-up photo, there is still a questionable point regarding images recorded in it, so the Criminal Investigation Department intends to clear the doubt in this regard by obtaining scientific evidence and expert opinion.

Even though various opinions have been expressed regarding the mysterious death of Schaffter, the Criminal Investigation Department has not been able to solve the mystery yet.

Fingerprint Bureau officials found around 11 sets of fingerprints in Dinesh Schaffter’s car. The fingerprints have been analyzed and the related report has already been given to the Criminal Investigation Department.

Police information revealed that among the fingerprints there are fingerprints of the cemetery worker and his Schafter’s colleague who took him to the hospital.


Tuesday, December 27, 2022 – 01:00

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