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CINEC Campus showcases research and commercialisation achievements

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An award winning research team
An award winning research team

CINEC Campus was recently recognised and awarded for its achievements in recognising successful commercialisation efforts of university research at an event held on May 2, at the BMICH. 

The event was organised by Accelerating Higher Education Expansion and Development (AHEAD) operation, a World Bank-funded project, aimed to acknowledge research teams and companies excelling in commercialisation of research outcomes.

CINEC’s wide-ranging research areas create a unique academic environment, providing an abundance of opportunities for future students to explore and excel in various disciplines. As a testament to this, CINEC is proud to have had five research commercialisation projects accepted by AHEAD. This accomplishment highlights CINEC’s commitment to Research, Development, Innovation, and Commercialization (RDIC).

This led to the development of diverse technologies transferred to diverse industries, such as  Marine Simulation, Providing Services to Hambantota International Port Services Company (Private) Limited (HIPG). Research Team: Capt. Prasanna Sedrick, Capt. Harindra Perera, Prof. Rohini Chandrica Widyalankara, Samadhi Medawala Disanayake Department of Marine Simulation. 

 Method and System for Container Inventory Management. The technology was successfully transferred to Cargoserv Shipping Limited. Research Team: Prof. Lalith Edirisinghe, Tharindi Amarathunge. Faculty: Faculty of Management and Social Sciences.

This project was externally assisted by Dr. I. Mahakalanda of Department of Decision Sciences, Faculty of Business, University of Moratuwa and Gihan Nadeera of Evoke Technologies. 

 Lower Body Foot Deformities Monitoring System. The technology was successfully transferred to Global Bridge International, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Research Team:  Dhishan Dhammearatchi, Randeera Liyanage, Kalpa Maduranga,  Yasith Weerasinghe, Sewmini Jayaweera, Chandima Rathnayake,  Isira Dabare, Chrishani Obris. Faculty: Faculty of Engineering and Technology.

 Apparatus to Identify Defects of Even Surfaces in an Enclosed Environment. The technology was successfully transferred to D. Samson industries (Pvt) Ltd. – Synthetic Materials Plant. Research Team:  Randeera Liyanage,  Deshan Adithya Bandara,  Nipuna Nilupul Samarakoon, Yasith Weerasinghe,  Manuja Induwara. Faculty: Faculty of Engineering and Technology. 

Machine for Removing Rattan. The technology was successfully transferred to the National Crafts Council (supported by the state ministry of Rattan, Brass, Pottery, Furniture and Rural Industrial Promotion). Research Team: Ishan Virantha. Faculty: Faculty of Engineering and Technology. The wide-ranging research areas and commercialization at CINEC reaffirm its status as an outstanding private higher education institute of global stature.

This diverse academic environment and commitment to Research provide its students with exceptional opportunities to excel in their chosen fields and serve as an invaluable opportunity for prospective students seeking top-tier undergraduate education.


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