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Clarification on Udayanga’s motion

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Senior Journalist Iqbal Athas referring to our story ‘Udayanga files motion seeking release of cash freezed in two bank accounts’ published on September 13 says: I refer to the front page report in your esteemed newspaper of September 13 about the application made to Courts by Mr. Udayanga Weeratunga, former Sri Lanka Ambassador to Russia, to release funds from his bank accounts frozen in connection with the allegedly fraudulent procurement of MiG-27 fighter jet investigations.

It says that I (whom you identify as a journalist named Iqbal Athas) first made a complaint to the former Anti Corruption Committee and thereafter to the Financial Crimes Investigation Division (FCID).The reference to a complaint made to the Anti Corruption Committee is completely false. I did not make any such complaint to them. I understand that there is no such reference to it in the official Court records either.

I only made a detailed complaint to the FCID in January 2015 where I elaborated at length on the documents made available by me. Strangely, the same false claim has also been made by Mr. Weeratunga earlier in an interview to a website. It is true that the investigations commenced after my complaint.

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