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ComBank places Sri Lanka on global map at UN Climate Change Conference

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Doconomy’s CEO  Mathias Wikstrom
Doconomy’s CEO Mathias Wikstrom

The Commercial Bank of Ceylon recently had the distinction of being featured to a global audience as one of 25 banks around the world that are working to promote environmental consciousness among their customers.

The occasion was the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 27) at which Doconomy AB, the Sweden-based impact-tech solutions company which is a partner of Commercial Bank’s Flash Digital Bank Account App, presented a map showing the geographical spread of the 25 banks that are collaborating with the company to help save the environment by using Doconomy’s environmental impact index to calculate the carbon footprint of each transaction performed via their respective apps.

Incidentally, Commercial Bank’s was one of the first five banks worldwide to integrate the Doconomy Åland Index into the Carbon Footprint Calculator feature on the Bank’s Flash Digital Bank Account App. Doconomy’s CEO Mathias Wikstrom told the COP 27 summit in Egypt that 25 partner banks were helping educate customers around the world about the importance of tracking the carbon footprint of their transactions, thereby driving climate action globally. Commercial Bank’s partnership with Doconomy resulted in Sri Lanka’s presence on the map of countries engaged in this initiative.

Commercial Bank said it plans to further improve the Flash Digital Bank Account App’s ‘Save the Environment’ feature with the support of Doconomy in the near future. Both parties are also working closely to create awareness about sustainable finance, sustainable businesses and environment conservation.

In 2020, Commercial Bank enhanced its Flash Digital Bank Account App with a revolutionary feature that enabled users to compute the environmental impact of their spending through this ‘Save the Environment’ feature, which was already a first in the Sri Lankan market. This was designed to create awareness about the social carbon footprint of consumption by assessing each transaction a user of the Flash Digital Bank Account App carries out via the app. By partnering with Doconomy a year later, the Bank gained access to the upgraded API of the Åland Index, the world’s first e-Environmental Impact Report, and subsequently updated the Flash Digital Bank Account App.

Founded in Sweden in 2018, Doconomyis a world-leading provider of applied impact solutions.



Friday, December 30, 2022 – 01:00

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