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Concede inability, hand over Govt – SJB

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Speaking to the media on Monday, he asked the Government to concede that it does not have the ability to save people from serious problems they are facing at the moment.

He asked why the Government could not control the prices of essential commodities such as gas, cement and milk powder when prices are uncontrollably skyrocketing.

“This Government has proved that it has neither the ability to build the country nor the ability to manage the economy. All sources of income for people have been blocked and at the same time malnutrition is on the rise in the country. People in the country have fallen into a state of extreme helplessness,” he commented.

The Opposition Leader was joining in a programme to donate essential hospital equipment worth two million rupees to Divisional Hospital, Thanthirimale as the 31st round of ‘Jana Suwaya’ project.

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