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Couple arrested for beating girl in Kandana

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The police, who conducted an investigation regarding the video of a man and a woman brutally assaulting a young woman in a business establishment that went viral on social media, identified the location of the incident and arrested the couple involved in the assault.

The information about the place, which is a commercial place for trading goods through online, had been revealed through the information given to the 118 emergency number by a person who saw the video.

Police say that the arrested husband and wife are 36 years and the victims is a close relative of the husband.

The couple is said to be residing at Nagoda Lipton Road in Kadana and the Police had arrested them at their residence.

Investigation has revealed that the girl who was assaulted has been working in this company for three years.

The girl who was attacked told the police that she did not report the assault to the police because the couple who assaulted her were her relatives.

She has also told the police that she decided to complain about if after the video went on social media and television channels. Accordingly, she has complained to the Police about the attack.

It has also been revealed in the investigation that the attack due to a mistake done by the girl.

The suspects were produced in court and granted bail yesterday.

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