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CRYSBRO completes 34 houses under Praja Aruna initiative for employees

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The initiative is one among six pillars of the company’s approach to CSR, which focuses on enhancing and uplifting the living standards of its employees. To date, Praja Aruna has seen the completion of 34 new houses and renovations on 84 homes.

“Everyone deserves a decent place to live, and we are very pleased to thus enhance the living standards of our deeply committed employees through the Praja Aruna initiative. We do not believe that is a mere financial donation but a project with a lot of heart and team spirit.

From the board of directors who dispense the required funds on time, managers who volunteer for difficult field visits, supporting departments who supply materials and services when it is required, and even dutiful co-workers who support constructions at these locations, it is all teamwork,” stated CRYSBRO Group HR and Admin Manager Ranjana Mahindasiri.

All new houses that are built are entirely funded by CRYSBRO, while all home renovations conducted under the Praja Aruna project is funded by the CRYSBRO Employee Welfare Society. Selection of deserving employees to benefit from the initiative is done by first calling in applications, which are then reviewed based on structured selection criteria which consider the length of tenure of each employee, performance contribution, living conditions and status of current accommodation.

In 2019/20, six new houses were built with one being funded by a partnership established with Bairaha Farms PLC.

‘Sisu Diriya’, another of the company’s CSR pillars, has taken the initiative to provide books, gift vouchers, financial rewards and higher education scholarships to uplift the education performances of all children of CRYSBRO’s employees every year.

So far 200 internships have been provided to students who have completed university or vocational, while support was given to complete their final year research projects.

‘Suwa Shakthi’, which focuses on health and wellbeing, has so far conducted 20 health camps and offered free medical checkups and medicine to all of CRYSBRO’s staffers and communities while investing in the development of infrastructure facilities for disadvantaged hospitals in rural areas.

‘Haritha Sathkara’ has seen CRYSBRO overlooking the planting of 5,000 saplings in major areas of the island.

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