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Customs warns of bogus messages sent by fraudsters

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The Sri Lanka Customs requests the public to be on the lookout against financial fraudsters who are engaged in deceiving people by giving bogus messages such as “Pay Customs

clearance fees to get a parcel in your name cleared from Customs.”

Customs requests the public not to become a victim of financial fraudsters this way. Traffickers are reaching out to the public through phone calls, text messages, e-mails, social media and dating apps to trick people into paying Customs clearance fees.

The financial loss and emotional distress can be caused to the public by falling victim to such a scam. Fraudsters use not only the Sri Lankan Customs Department’s letterheads, phone numbers but even the names of customs officials to show their innocence and to build trust.

It is emphasized that Sri Lanka Customs will never inform the public to deposit money into an account of an unknown person through such practices.

Besides, Sri Lanka Customs requests the public to be alert to requests to credit any account with messages like a parcel containing foreign currency has arrived, a valuable car has been won with congratulations, accept the gift I have sent among other messages.Customs further announces to the public not to fall for such false messages.

Thursday, June 29, 2023 – 01:12

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