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Cyber threats steadily expanding – JIT

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JIT’s CTO,  Neranjan Dissanayake
JIT’s CTO, Neranjan Dissanayake

While the world is heading towards a fully digitized world the landscape for cyber threats has been steadily expanding in no small part due to cyber criminals being as ambitious and entrepreneurial as ever.

The sophistication of the tools and techniques used, and the ingenuity of how they lure their prey can boggle the minds of even the most experienced technological experts.

This unprecedented number of cyber-attacks and their dire implications for businesses, have made organisations make Cybersecurity, the art of protecting data, networks, and devices from illicit access or other unauthorized activities, a top priority in their strategies.

Some CEOs feel like they are well prepared for potential cyber-attacks. But in reality, some type of unaccounted cyber threat is always lingering. To live in the blithe world of “It’s never going to happen to me” especially in this case, can cost dearly.

Ongoing Risks of Cyber Security

When taking into consideration some of the more globally catastrophic cyber-attacks, Russia might just take the forefront. With a history of using cyber-attacks against their enemies, experts predict that Russia’s current war against Ukraine and their employment of cyber-crime may “spill over’’ and as a result, other nations may be caught in the crossfires making their intellectual property, trade secrets and other valuable information extremely vulnerable. In another example, one of the largest ransomware attacks took place in 2017 with over 200,000 computers hacked in more than 150 countries. Global damaged was estimated to be around 6 billion pounds.

Similarly, Sri Lanka is not immune to such attacks. In fact, being a developing economy, we might be even more susceptible to such threats than more technologically advanced nations. That coupled with the ongoing hybrid working conditions, where employees might be required to work from home might compromise the organizations’ Cybersecurity even further. In recent times there have been instances of Cyber Crime in some leading banks in Sri Lanka with customers reporting of pin number thefts, stolen IDs, and cyber-attacks on computers. These can have devastating effects on the victims of these crimes.

However, progress has not been lost. There have been several laws implemented in Sri Lanka including the Data Protection Act, Electronic Transactions Act, Computer Crimes Act and the Cyber Security Act to name a few. But laws alone cannot completely solve cyber-crime.

Therefore, it would be imperative for companies to be prepared for the inevitability of a cyber event and be ready to respond, recover and re-establish in order to mitigate the damage and protect the organizations and the clients’ high-value assets, as security is a key factor in maintaining the trust of customers and stakeholders. If companies can develop security plans that align with the overall objectives of the organization, they would be even more effective in lowering the impact of cyber-attacks.

JIT elevates Lanka’s Cyber Security Landscape

As a leading Systems Integrator in the country, Just In Time Group (JIT), a Sri Lankan company with over 26 years of service in the IT industry, has made Cybersecurity one of its top priorities. With solutions ranging from; Detection and Prevention, Network Security, Application Security, Cloud Security, Operational Security, DevSevOps and Security Testing and Incident Response, JIT has achieved recognition for protecting the valuable assets of its customers in industries such as the Banking, Insurance, Telecommunication, Government, and Enterprise.

JIT’s team of Cybersecurity experts, headed by Chief Technology Officer Neranjan Dissanayake, a Cybersecurity specialist himself, have made it clear that specializing in Cybersecurity, acquiring critical talents and skillsets, and giving resilient solutions is a key objective in their overall strategic plan.

Security is everyone’s responsibility. Over the past few months, Neranjan, an expert in the Tech Industry with over 12 years of experience and an impressive knowledge of the latest and most cutting-edge technologies, combined with a futuristic vision of elevating JIT to newer and more pioneering heights, has been taking lead in an array of webinars and knowledge sharing sessions to expand the strategic security conversation. JIT has also taken a more consultancy-based approach in their Cyber Security Solutions.

‘’All key stakeholders of the organization need to be committed to a security strategy that can protect organizational and customer data as well as manage its risks and mitigate damage whilst being aligned to the company’s short term and long-term goals’’ says Neranjan.

He also emphasizes on the importance of applying a more holistic and integrated architecture where monitoring, reporting and auditing should all be incorporated.

‘’Prevention is not the only cure; we have to look into detection as well’’ he adds. JIT also plans to lend their Cybersecurity expertise to Digital Transformation undertakings by the government. All in all, JIT has many plans in the field of Cybersecurity.”

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