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Daughter attacks raiding cops with chilli powder

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Mother arrested for running liquor den

A police investigation is underway to arrest a woman who attacked officers of the Kuliyapitiya Division Crimes Investigation Bureau with chilli powder dissolved in water when they went to raid an illegal liquor den.

This attack with chilli powder dissolved in water had been aimed at a team of police officers who went to conduct a raid in Kanadulla, Kuliyapitiya by the daughter of the woman involved in the liquor racket.

The team of police officers comprising of a Sub-Inspector had gone to carry out this raid day before yesterday (19) based on information received that an illegal liquor racket was taking place at this venue with the support of corrupt police officers, for quite a while.

The woman, B. K. Kumari who was carrying out this illegal liquor racket was arrested by the police during the raid together with 54,000 milliliters of illegal liquor. It was during this raid that her daughter had attacked the police officers with chilli powder dissolved in water. By doing this she had attempted to rescue her mother from being arrested.

The woman who was taken into custody by the police had wrestled with the police officers and tried to escape. However, the police had prevented her from doing so and kept her in their custody. The police said that a Sergeant had been injured in this incident. 

Saturday, January 21, 2023 – 01:08

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