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Death of domestic: Police investigate phrase written on bedroom wall

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While inspecting the room where the girl was staying at the MP’s house, a sentence was found written on the wall which allegedly gives the meaning “cause of my death”. The sentence had been written using English letters, but that gives a Tamil meaning.

Handwriting specialists of the Government Analyst Department had also visited the scene and had taken photographs of the inscriptions to carry out tests to ascertain if the sentence was written by the girl.

He noted that the investigation officers had recovered several schoolbooks that were used by the girl. Senior DIG Ajith Rohana further said the books will be sent to the Government Analyst to determine if the phrase on the wall was written by the girl herself.

The Police said further investigations are continuing into the death of the girl, while investigations are also underway into the statements recorded from the other women who had served as domestic maids at the former Minister’s house.

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