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Dharmasoka Deputy Principal’s shooter arrested

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The Police Special Task Force has arrested the shooter who shot at the Deputy Principal of Ambalangoda Dharmasoka Vidyalaya in an attempt to kill him.

According to the Police Special Task Force, information has been revealed that he was the driver of the car in which the gunmen who shot at the uncle of the criminal named Heenatiyana Mahesh who is a powerful figure of the underworld who is staying in Dubai and is running a drug trade here and his henchman named Chappa in Minuwangoda on June 17.

The Special Task Force said further that he was also involved in the shooting of a father and two sons on October 6, 2022, by storming into a house located in Gaman Gedera, Minuwangoda, based on a dispute over kites. Many suspects were arrested in connection with the triple murder, and only one suspect named Mama could not be arrested. The Police Special Task Force stated that he is the suspect named Mama, who could not be arrested up to now. The Special Task Force also mentioned that this suspect was dressed in police uniform when he arrived for the triple murder.

This suspect is heavily addicted to drugs. A protégé of Heenatiyana Mahesh, he has been involved in all these shootings under contracts received from Dubai. The Deputy Principal of Ambalangoda Dharmashoka Vidyalaya, who is a relative of Kosgoda Suji, was shot at on May 26. The shooting was carried out in the Randombe area. He has said during questioning that he received Rs.175,000 for that shooting.

A senior officer of the Special Task Force said that during interrogation, the suspect stated that he had boarded a passenger bus and gone to Ambalangoda from Colombo, where he got the firearm and the motorcycle, and that the motorcycle rider was another person and that the target was pointed out by the same rider.

After the shooting, he had returned to Moratuwa on a bus he said and he handed over the firearm to a woman in Moratuwa, the Special Task Force says.

The suspect said that Waruna, who was staying with Mahesh in Dubai, had told him to give the firearm to this woman.

The investigation revealed that the woman’s daughter’s husband is staying in Dubai and that he, named Rasika, is living there with Waruna, the Special Task Force said.

Thursday, June 22, 2023 – 01:00

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