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Distraught wife takes poison inside Police Station

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Husband has swindled her remittances working abroad:

A woman who came to the complaints section of Kurunegala Police Headquarters to resolve a family dispute had swallowed poison in the presence of her husband

 and police officers, day before yesterday (27).

Police said that the woman aged 37, a resident of Dangolla, Hindagolla, Kurunegala had swallowed a poison. This woman who had been working in a Middle Eastern country had sent the money she had earned, to her husband to complete construction of the house where she had been living, in Sri Lanka. However, he had not done so and spent the money on drinking alcohol and associating women. Apart from that, he had kept another woman as his mistress in this house and spent the money is legal wife had sent him, on her as well.

The woman, who had returned to the country, seeing that her husband had not only destroyed the money she had earned and sent for the construction of the house, but that he had a mistress, had complained to the various complaints division of Kurunegala Police headquarters, requesting the return of the money sent by her to her husband.

When the complainant and her husband were called to the police to hear the complaint, she had taken with her a vial of poison and consumed it in front of her husband.Police said that she was hospitalised for treatment and her condition is not critical.

Thursday, June 29, 2023 – 01:04

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