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Domestic arrested after gold worth Rs. 1.2 mn goes missing from bank officer’s house

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Kesbewa Police said that a woman who went to work as a domestic in the house of a bank officer in Halpita,Polgasowita had stolen gold worth Rs. 1.2 million, and the two daughters and son of the suspect who allegedly pawned them were arrested.

Police have recovered two rings, a pair of earrings, a pendant and five gold-bangles which had been dissolved, that were allegedly stolen from the house.

A wardrobe and a rice cooker allegedly bought with the money obtained from the sale of stolen goods have been taken into police custody as well.

It has been revealed during police investigations that the suspect, a resident of the Batakettara LS Watta area, went to work as a servant in the two-storied house of the bank officer through a friend of the bank officer and had stolen these gold articles within a short period of three days of coming there.

According to the police about a month after the arrival of the suspected maid, she had misled the house owner, the bank officer by saying that, while she was coming from the upper floor to the lower floor, a person had run out of the room where the sister of the bank officer was staying downstairs.

Monday, March 13, 2023 – 01:05

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