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Domestic’s death:Victim assaulted at Welikada police

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Investigations carried out by a Police Special Investigation Unit has uncovered further   details on the death of the woman who died while under arrest by the Welikada Police on suspicion of a theft at the home of Sudharma Neththikumara, a television drama producer and businesswoman, had been assaulted by the police.

The Criminal Investigation Department said a police team has also gone to Bandarawela, where she was residing.

The Criminal Investigation Department has uncovered that the domestic worker arrested by the police was brought into the police station and assaulted by the police officers. After her death, the Welikada Police had admitted her to the Colombo National Hospital as an unidentified person and took steps to hide the death.

The Criminal Investigation Department has also uncovered information that Sudarma Neththikumara’s complaint that a theft had taken place at the house was written in the police books by the Welikada police officers after the maid died due to police assault.


Monday, June 12, 2023 – 01:00

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